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Bracket BB2
Bracket BB2

Bracket OrthoM : BB2 SERIES

The brackets are made of Stainless steel 17-4 PH orthodontic/Medical grade.

  • Biocompatibility
  • Corrosion-resistant

Mesh base

The bases are 304L S-S and the mesh base are true #80 guage.

  • Strong and more bonding strength.

Bracket OrthoM BB2 Series

Prescription : ROTH / MBT / Edgewise

Slot : 0.018" / 0.022"

Specification : #3 hook / #345 hook

Base : Mesh base


  • Low profile design with rounded tie-wings for maximum patient comfort and decrease        occlusal interferance.
  • Spacious Area under Tie-Wing for easy ligation.
  • Center Scribe Line for more accurate bracket placement.
  • Compound contoured base with built in torque and angulations achieves proper torque      expression and avoids torque loss.
  • The innovative mesh bonding base is designed to match presisely to the curvature of        the tooth for maximum contact and strong, consistent bonding.
BB2 : Bracket Roth System
BB2 : Bracket Roth System
BB2 : Bracket MBT System
BB2 : Bracket MBT System
BB2 : Bracket Edgewise System
BB2 : Bracket Edgewise System
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