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Mini Screw

Orthodontic Anchorage micro implant  



Microimplant anchors, also known as temporaryanchorage devices, mini- and micro-screws, have been used to enhance orthodontic anchorage for difficult tooth movements. Here, the authors describe how microimplants can be used to help treat craniofacial patients bysupporting distraction osteogenesis procedures, maxillaryprotraction procedures, cleft segment expansion and stabilization, and tooth movement into narrow alveolar cleft sites. While most craniofacial patients are treated without microimplants, it would be worthwhile to identifywhich cases could benefit from microimplant anchorage. As an adjunct to orthodontic treatment, the microimplant offers a potential method for solving troublesome orthodontic and surgical problems such as guiding distraction procedures with orthodontics when primaryteeth are exfoliating, addressing residual maxillarycants after vertical distraction osteogenesis of a ramus, stabilizing an edentulous premaxilla, and moving teeth into atrophic alveolar ridges. These cases are presented to open a dialogue on their possible uses in craniofacial patients.



1. Greater control of tooth movement 
2. Increased patient comfort 
3. Decreased reliance on patient compliance 
4. Anchors are self-tapping, allowing for easy placement and removal chairside 
5. Anchors have a multi-functional top offering maximum versatility and performance 
6. Anchors are available in multiple lengths 
7. Complete system includes an autoclavable, fully loaded kit that allows for easy storage of all

8. components while not in use  vacuum package can be autoclaved directly.

Titanium Mini Screw

Product introduction:

Raw Material: Biocompitalbe Titanium Alloy​ Highly Polished surfaceBiocompitalbe Titanium Alloy​ Highly Polished surface with unique anodized finish

Effective 15 years Sterilization required before using 

Size Available: 1.4x6L and 1.4x8L

                   1.6x6L and 1.6x8L and  1.6x10L


Stainless Steel Mini Screw 

Product introduction:

Raw Material: Biocompitalbe Stainless Steel​ Highly Polished surface with unique anodized finish

Effective 15 years Sterilization required before using 

Size Available: 1.6x8L and 1.6x10L

                   2.0x10L and 2.0x12L

Taperd type screw offers better adaptability to the bone.

Deep valley spiral makes stronger maintenance after loading.

Tip Cutting

Cutting end for Self-drilling.
Promotion : OTM Mini Screw
Promotion : OTM Mini Screw
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