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Easy to use and always reliable – that is what distinguishes our Mini Sprint® brackets. The smaller, aesthetic alternative to FORESTADENT’s Sprint II® brackets. The occlusal gingival height has been reduced by 20% which ensures a significant increase in patient comfort. Despite the lower height, it is just as easy to use as the larger bracket and has the same mechanical advantages.

Mini Sprint® brackets feature deep tie wings for easy and secure double ligation and the use of elastic bands. Maintaining the mesio-distal dimension ensures identical rotation control. The bracket base is characterized by a geometry which fits perfectly to the natural contour of the tooth. Our patented hook-base ensures excellent hold.

  • Aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear thanks to the significantly lower height
  • Combines all mechanical features of larger brackets, despite its reduced sized
  • Optimal rotation control due to unchanged mesio-distal dimension
  • Easy handling of ligatures as well as elastics/elastic chains due to deep tie wings
  • Optimal hold on the tooth due to contoured hook-base  


The BioPassive® bracket has been set significantly deeper to provide greater clearance for the archwire and reduce friction in the slot. In combination with the flexible clip this allows for effective therapeutic progress during the initial phase of the treatment – using the gentlest of forces. The BioPassive® bracket is a precisely fitting, anatomically contoured base developed on the basis of an extensive study under which around 4,000 teeth from all over the world were recorded using 3D laser scan techniques and their natural curvatures examined. And the result is remarkable – the brackets can be positioned precisely and safely.  

  • More clearance and less friction thanks to the deeper bracket slots
  • Easy and precise positioning with anatomically contoured base and precise fit
  • Active control with flexible, even more stable designed clip
  • Easier gingival opening with new snap function
  • Numerous combination options (e.g. with springs) due to .016” x .016” auxiliary slots
2D Lingual Bracket
2D Lingual Bracket

2D Lingual Bracket


The flattest lingual bracket in the world
The 2D® Lingual brackets from FORESTADENT are so flat that patients hardly feel them in their mouths. With a total height of only 1.3 to 1.65 mm and thanks to their strong rounded design, they are the number one brackets in terms of patient comfort. The ease of use of the brackets is also unmatched, which makes them the ideal lingual treatment technique for new patients. The self-ligating 2D® Lingual brackets have a vertical slot for fast and easy archwire insertion and changing from the occlusal aspect. The special design of the clips also ensures optimal rotation, angulation and vertical control. Another great advantage is that no lab is required, which allows patients and practitioners to immediately start with the treatment. 2D® Lingual brackets are available in numerous variants – a suitable bracket design for any situation.


  • Highest patient comfort thanks to extremely low heights and optimally rounded hook
  • sIdeal for new patients thanks to easy handling
  • No delays, as the bracket can be bonded without a lab being required
  • The special design of the clips ensures the optimal rotation, angulation and vertical control
  • Rapid treatment progress through excellent biomechanics, as the bracket can be bonded close to the centre of resistance
  • Suitable design for any treatment situation, with twelve different variants available  
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